Mayor Angelo Aguinaldo Elevates Public Service in Kawit

Puso at Malasakit Para Sa Kawit— the catchphrase of the administration of Kawit, Cavite’s Mayor, Angelo Emilio Aguinaldo. The Mayor has been boasting for two banner programs called Alagang Aguinaldo and Aksyong Aguinaldo. Both programs are manifestations of the Mayor’s character and indices a care in action platform and campaign battlecry. Alagang Aguinaldo program focuses on the softer side of the mayor that cares for the elderly, PWD, women, youth, children and even the working sector. Micro-pograms such as providing wheelchairs for the elderly and differently-abled persons, supplemental feeding in schools, job fairs for PWDs and youth-related activities such as Palarong Kawit and Sports Fest are just some of the few programs. Aksyong Aguinaldo, on the other hand, is the tough side of the Mayor in which he enforces the law fervently without the fear of offending anyone.

As the fourth descendant of the first President of the Philippine Republic, Emilio Aguinaldo, Mayor Aguinaldo is passionate in preserving and promoting Kawit’s culture and heritage. He recently launched the campaign #TaraSaKawit that encourages and invites tourists to visit the town rich in history from the Spanish era and beyond. The Mayor invited celebrity vloggers for a Heritage Tour visiting prominent places in the town such as the historical Aguinaldo Shrine where the Philippine Flag was first raised and other more sites with much significance in Philippine History. Aguinaldo Shrine was also the home of his great grandfather the late, Emilio Aguinaldo when he was still alive. This is the legacy the young Mayor has been trying to live upon— to make people of Kawit and the Filipinos remember what his ancestors have done in the struggle for independence. That is why he aims to develop Kawit as a tourism hotspot in the country.

Moreover, Mayor Aguinaldo goes beyond tangible and physical aspect of cultural/historical preservation, but has been equally dedicated to preserve Filipino local games such as Tumbang Preso, Luksong Baka, Patintero and the like through the Palarong Kawit 2019.  Many leaders have overlooked this but the young Mayor cognizes how the preservation of the intangible aspects is an imperative to the total cultural preservation. It’s easier to preserve buildings but conserving oral, spoken and way of life is a challenge. With the rise of digital technology comes the death of our cultural sports and other important traditions that makes up our identity as Filipinos. In addition to sports are food that is locally made which recipe has been passed on from generation to generation. This, for instance, is the Bibingka Cassava and other local specialties.

It’s interesting how Mayor Angelo Emilio Aguinaldo has continually been proving the people of Kawit that he is not just a name but a thinking and working leader who have worked so hard even beyond what is expected. Thus, he’s a public servant worth emulating by other leaders and aspiring politicians in the creating a better community where Filipino identity flourish, safeguarded and never forgotten. That’s certainly what you call the Aquinaldo Legacy.

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